Dip My Ryde

Top-Tier Grille Painting Services:

If you want a good grill but are worried about the price and quality, there’s no need to worry. Dip my Ryde will help you with good quality paint and some crafty grille painting service. We have experts who make sure to give you the best look for your car plus smooth the rough surface of your vehicle. Also, we focus on painting the whole surface and do not let the spaces so that your car wholely gets the perfect outlook. Our team uses durable and heat-resistant ABS plastic grill paint, which is lighter and more durable. So we are here whether you want to clear the scratches from the car or renew it. Call us!

What's Special About Us?

At dipmy Ryde, we have a certified team who can give you outclass grille painting service. Here we move on by considering the following special matrices:

  1. We use painter’s tape to mask off the areas you want to keep pristine.
  2. We also focus on giving clean lines and preventing the paint from dropping into unwanted places.
  3. We help the client’s car with a better coat and even coverage so that you can get perfection without the drips or runs.
  4. We use the specific primer designed for plastic and then layer the grill with synthetic enamel paint. We ensure to let the primer dry before adding the coats.
  5. The team is highly professional and avoids the high gloss enamel because it can cause noticeable imperfections.

How do We work?

Select Paint Type:

We begin with the selection of the paint and colour that will go best for your car. We guide the client on whether they should use specialty or general-purpose paint. Moreover, we opt for the colour depending on the paint type.


We gather up all the necessary tools, including paint, paintbrush, painter’s tape, and drop cloth. To give the car a highly professional and finishing look, we move on with the requirement that is necessary for grill paint. We evaluate whether it needs special cleaners or primers. Then we make the preparations accordingly to achieve better results.

Dive Into Real Work:

After the beginning steps, we proceed with the painting of the car and then give it a refined look with the finishing. While doing this, we ensure spare plenty of time to dry the paint, check the flaws, and then fix the unwanted spaces to give you the exclusive grill painting service.

Final Verdict:

Are your cars paint chips or flake off over time? If yes, then the Dip my ryde grill painting service is for you. We have the superior quality primer, paint, and clear coat to change the look of your grill and provide it with a new lease. We can help you to create a smoother and more even finish with the specifically designed paints. Our team try hard to complete every project on time and with high perfection. So to paint your car, call us and get what you want for your car beauty.