Dip My Ryde

Don't paint Your Ryde, Dip it!


Plasti Dip® is extremely durable against weather from the blistering summer to the below freezing temps of winter.


Plasti Dip®, can last last for several years with proper maintenance and care, much like factory paint.


In addition to customizing your vehicle's color, Plastic Dip provides protection to your factory paint against UV rays, scratches, and chips


Plasti Dip® is an affordable way to customize the color of your vehicle compared to wrapping or repainting.


Plasti Dip® is flexible and can stretch, allowing the coats to remain affixed to the surface of your vehicle or wheels.


Plasti Dip® really does peel off. When applied properly, it comes off even easier than vinyl wrap and leaves no residue.



If I can do it myself, why choose Dip My Ryde?

You absolutely can do this yourself and Dip Your Car can sell you all the equipment you need to do it. After all, it is a DIY solution. DYC does a great job of putting out informational videos, and they’re very helpful, but unfortunately there’s no substitute for hands on experience and almost no one gets it right the first time. I sure didn’t! It takes lots of practice and given the price of the plastidip, by the time you’ve practiced it enough to get it just right, you will have spent way  more money (not to mention time and effort!) than if you had just brought it to Dip My Ryde and had it done right the first time. Additionally, if you’re only going to do it once, why waste your money on expensive spraying equipment, respirator, wheel covers, and other materials? I guarantee my work, and your satisfaction is my only goal!


This ain't my first rodeo! I have spent countless hours perfecting this process so that your car is done right the first time, every time. Guaranteed.

Guaranteed Service

Since my work is guaranteed, you will never have to worry about peeling, flaking, or any other issues related to install. If any issues arise, I will fix them for free.